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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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requires registration after the fact of renting out a short-term rental the registration should be in advance of the fdr and in terms of the permission under the tenant to get the permission from the landlord/tenants it should be required from the landlords not only notification privacy some people actually said they want to keep all of this private but when necessarily they registered to vote and signed up for a driver's license number their information was public somehow people feel this should be private until the legislation can actually assure all of us. it will stop the local i don't think it's ready for at that particular time time and not
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fartdz actually written in the legislation i'll ask as one other commenter said we see the actual text of the amendments in advance of the next hearing thank you thank you. >> so i realize my colleagues reminded me we have a recess coming up another 1 o'clock but those folks (calling names) if you're still here i want to give you an opportunity to speak seeing they're not here i have 27 more speaker cards - oh, you're he you're here come up.
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>> i thought it was v - >> seeing we don't have a speaker card we're going to go on a thirty minute break as supervisor wiener mentioned 4 we'll be hearing items 4 and 5 after at 1:30 as a special order and then return back to public comment on item 3 and hear the 27 speaker cards i have remaining at that time, so thank you and we'll see you at that time,
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health care.
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